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3.5 Acres with Mountain Views

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13.5 + Acres 

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Huckleberry offers homesites beginning just over a half-acre and up that are surrounded by century-old forests, giant rock formations, and multiple rushing waterfalls, all creating a breathtaking backdrop. Tiny homes are a popular style and fit nicely with the peaceful quiet of rural living.

Huckleberry proudly calls Jamestown, Tennessee its home which is centrally located between Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee. This area is known for its large equestrian facilities, making this area a true horse lover's paradise.


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Living in a house is not as enjoyable as it used to be.

Homes are mass-produced in cookie-cutter developments, utility costs keep increasing, cutter fills every available space, and there is never-ending maintenance.

We dream of travel and the next vacation, but our homes take our money and time in bills, maintenance, and improvements.

After all, it's hard to keep up with the Jones's, isn't it?

But what if there was another way?

What if your home could travel with you?

What if your home cost a fraction of the cost to operate?  Smaller utility bills, almost no maintenance, and much lower purchase cost?

What if your home enabled you to embrace simplicity, eco-friendliness, and ultimately your dreams?


Why Huckleberry?

Check out some of the surrounding activities that would be available to you!

East Tennessee is known for having some of the best tasting water in the world. The famous Halstead Spring in the Cumberland Mountains was the favorite water of Actress Elizabeth Taylor. While the Halstead Spring is now privately owned, there are still springs accessible near or in Jamestown, TN.

Dale Hollow Lake

Dale Hollow Lake covers almost 28,000 acres of pristine water surrounded by stunning Tennessee mountains. This is one of the most breathtaking lakes in the country. Fully recreational and clean, Dale Hollow Lake is perfect for skiing, boating, swimming, fishing, or just relaxing on the water.

Dale Hollow Lake is known for its smallmouth bass fishing and water purity. Surrounded by steep hills and lusciously green hardwood forest, a visit here should be on every smallmouth angler’s bucket list. In July of 1955, David Lee Hayes hooked a world-record smallmouth bass from Dale Hollow Lake. His record still stands today, but it was not a one-time catch. According to Bassmaster, 6 of the top 10 recorded smallmouth catches belong to Dale Hollow Lake. The lake continues to be a hotspot for anglers from around the world.

Mitchell Creek Marina

At Mitchell Creek, you can put in your own boat, or rent from their variety of boats, which include their locally extolled House Boats. Mitchell Creek Marina's houseboats are the perfect way to vacation and explore the waters of Dale Hollow Lake. There is nothing like gently cruising through the water, surrounded by those Tennessee mountains. Leave the dock and find your own cove to enjoy the water, wildlife, and one another.

You can also stock up on marina and aquatic merchandise at their shop, or head over to (new restaurant) where you can grab a bite to eat. Mitchell Creek Marina & Resort is also very kid-friendly, offering activities on, around, and off the water, from watercraft rentals to bumper boats (during special events), a volleyball court, and a game room. MCM is currently offering an annual boat slip rental starting at $950 per year. That’s only $80 a month!

Grey Wolf Ranch

Grey Wolf Ranch offers activities for everyone. They supply recreational horseback riding, horseback riding lessons, guided trail tours, therapeutic horseback riding, weddings, and much more. They are known both nationally and internationally for method and teaching.

Mark Twain Spring

Before Jamestown was founded the area was known as Sand Springs. Today, most of the springs are, unfortunately, under parking lots and roads. One spring remains in Mark Twain Park. The park houses Mark Twain Spring, which was used by Mark Twain’s parents when they resided in the area.

Tank Springs Spring, LaFollette, TN

A little over an hour away from Jamestown lies the Cumberland trail system, a trail system stretching over 210 miles. Tank Springs is one of many access points available to hike the trail. At the trailhead lies the Tank Spring—a natural spring with a man-made exit point from two pipes in the hillside. The spring itself is located in the trailhead parking lot. If you wish to hike the Tank Springs section of the trail, be warned this section is a strenuous hike. However, a much easier trail with a waterfall exists a short drive down the road at Cove Lake.

Lovely Bluff Spring, Lake City, TN

Lovely Bluff Spring is a widely used public spring in Lake City. The spring, like the name says, pours out of a bluff on the side of a mountain. Because of the location, it is possible to fill up large containers for home use or just get a drink.


Cookeville boasts two springs and is roughly an hour’s drive from Jamestown.

Springhouse on East Thomas Allen Road

This spring is housed in a brick springhouse off the right side of East Thomas Allen Road just past the intersection of Fairview Road. The area was decimated by tornados in 2012, but the spring remains.

Cave Spring at Hobbit Hollows Farm and Gnostic Center

This spring pours out of the mouth of a cave on the North Hollow Trail on this preserve. Donations are encouraged but not required, and an appointment is required to go see it.

Hot Springs, NC

The historic town of Hot Springs, North Carolina is on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee—just a three-hour drive from Jamestown. The springs in the area produce mineral water and are now privately owned and run as a spa. The area is a popular tourist destination, not just for the springs but also the excellent outdoor recreation activities in the area.


Improved Land,
Improved Opportunity


Country Tracts is your source for every type of rural property throughout the Southeast. From timberland investment tracts, improved recreational tracts, to farms, ranches, and homesteads.

The Country Tracts team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in the land business. We are foresters, real estate agents, land planners, construction foreman, former timber company owners, and all outdoorsmen. We have the knowledge and experience in house, to help you find the perfect tract of land, not the property we want to sell, but the one that you want and best fits your needs.

Interested in Learning More? The Time to Purchase Land is Now!


Country Tracts strives to make valuable improvements to our tracts before we put them on the market. For our buyers, this creates more opportunity for immediate enjoyment of their new land and more potential for their profit in the future.

Whether you want to own a family farm, ranch, hunting property, or investment tract, no matter your land-buying goals, we are here to help you reach those goals.


Our highly skilled property experts represent a select array of terrain for sale that features productive ranches and farms, timberland, waterfront properties, recreational land, hunting land with thriving wildlife and many other options. With more than 60+ years (team wide) of real estate and timber industry experience these experts are ready to answer any and all questions you may have. Our team holds real estate licenses in FL, GA, TN, AL and NC, 20+ years in land clearing business and land management, two members have owned logging companies, and all are avid outdoorsmen.

Explore opportunities for purchasing lush woodlands, meadows and winding country roads that highlight picturesque landscapes. Our agents are recognized leading experts in their niche territories and continue to successfully represent their clients' properties with the highest levels of integrity, trust and a comprehensive knowledge of land values.

Whether you have a passion for farming, raising livestock, hunting, fishing or simply enjoy embracing life in the great outdoors, our experienced brokerages are the absolute best in their markets.

*Tiny home package consists of land and building materials. Construction is the buyer’s responsibility. Styles and sizes may vary. Home plans must be approved by the Design Review Committee before construction. No discounts can be applied to advertised properties. Only one of the advertised properties available. Seller-paid closing costs with the exception of prorated taxes and POA dues on cash purchase closed within 10 days of executed contract. “Zero Down” investment is purchase with IRA or 401k with a deposit to reserve property held in escrow until closing and refunded at closing.